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Effective date: Sep 1, 2020

Start a call center in the cloud without any experience

Operating a big box call center requires intensive capital resources and manpower. From furnishing, staffing, licensing, legal, compliance, electricity, redundancies, VoIP, computers, managers, software maintenance, etc...

Why Cloud Ventures?

We make it easier for you to get in business with little or no money out of pocket. Everything that's mentioned above can cost you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain and operate. With Cloud Ventures, all you need is the drive to be able to want to do it, and we handle everything else after that. Let us worry about the hard and tough things, you just concentrate on growing it at your own speed without the costly outlays.

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Lead Generation for your brand

Supercharge 1

5 Leads per day

As low as $700/mo (60 months). We send you 5 leads per day for 1 year. (optional)

Supercharge 2

10 Leads per day

As low as $1400/mo (60 months). We send you 10 leads per day for 1 year. (optional)

Supercharge 3

15 Leads per day

As low as $2100/mo (60 months). We send you 15 leads per day for 1 year. (optional)

Note: Rates above are excluding holiday seasons where prices fluctuate.

Business expenses that you would have been paying without Cloud Ventures in the picture

Below is an example of the type of expenses a normal 50 seat call center incurs without Cloud Ventures:

(Savings of over $25,000 a month)

  1. Office space - $5,000/mo
  2. Furniture - $2,000/mo
  3. Computers - $3,500/mo
  4. Internet and VoIP - $1,000/mo
  5. Recruiter - $3,000/mo
  6. 5 Campaign Managers - $7,000/mo
  7. Tech support - $2,000/mo
  8. 1 Office Manager - $2,500/mo
  9. Legal, and misc. - $500/mo

Looking at the above example, you would be spending anywhere from $25,000-30,000 a month just to turn the lights on. We are not even counting the hourly rate it would be for each agent sitting there where you are obligated to pay once you hire them. We have the lowest rev share in the industry. The first $25k in revenues is not bound by any rev share, it only kicks in once you are over that amount.

With our solution, you are looking at just $297/month at the lowest package we have to be up and running. It's a no brainer!

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